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                                                                                       Freedom, music, dancing and no worries - this is Zrće beach   


Zrče beach on the Croatian island of Pag is one of the best party beaches in the world and is an ideal place for people who can experience not only the sun, the beach and the sea during their holiday, but also parties, stylish clubs and good music. You can continue to celebrate in the four open air clubs Papaya, Aquarius, Noa and Kalypso. The beach after parties are legendary and take place every day in the summer months. There are many festivals and events in the summer months. Almost all TOP DJs have already performed on Zrče beach and if not, they will definitely come this season!



Club Rocks (1.7.2022) 

A new party experience in the world-famous Zrce beach! The open air party zone made for your pure summer experience will get you rocking day&night! Dance in the pool, enjoy your refreshing cocktail or be our VIP guest and treat yourself to a taste of luxury! Sea, summer and music.Rocks your summer. Rocks your body. Rocks your mind. 

Club Kalypso (2.7.2022)  #66 the most popular club in the world according to the Dj Mag poll

Kalypso is the longest running club on Zrče beach (more than 30 years) and ranks as a pioneer of the Pag party island. At first it was only a small beach bar, but after several successful years it was constantly expanding. Today, the club has a huge open air dance floor (4,500 people) with Go Go platforms, breathtaking decorations, various floor levels and plenty of bars. During the day, the club hosts several small sport events, such as beach volleyball and beach soccer. The location of the club Kalypso is absolutely unique - it lies directly on the beach, surrounded by nature and the beautiful landscape of the Pag island. In 2015, the club underwent a complete reconstruction and modernization, you can dance both by the sea and by the pool, for relaxation there is a lounge with seating and chill area. Kalypso is a unique open-air club that has hosted brands such as Amnesia Ibiza and the Sonus Festival in the past.


Tattva Kalypso (daily stage)

Welcome to the beach club Tattva with a restaurant, just a few steps to the sea, with amazing views of the mighty mountains of the Pag island and the sunset, with beach chairs and umbrellas. Tattva is open very briefly, smells of novelty, and the philosophy is beautiful - a celebration of nature and home to the mysterious triangle of the Pag island. This unique beach club, which is directly connected to the Kalypso club, will be a place for all visitors to spend a beautiful house/tech house day swimming and taste exceptional cuisine - all ended by sunset over the sea and in the spirit of family atmosphere (admission to Tattva is included to the club Kalypso).


A typical day at Zrće beach 

In the morning you can lie on the beach Zrče and recharge your batteries for the next night. If you don't want to wait for an evening party, you can either have a few cocktails at the bar or have a party at traditional After Beach club parties. And there is no dress code! Whether in a bikini, swimsuit, dress or shorts, all depends on the mood, music and people. If it's too hot, just jump into one of the pools, which are located directly on the dance floors of the clubs. The program on Zrče beach and on the Pag island is dominated by electronic music. Ideal sound for dancing. There are also various water sports, a bungee jumping tower that is also open at night, and many cafés and restaurants. The beach is located about 3 kilometers from the town of Novalja. In high season, the beach is easily reached by bus. There are also several hundred parking spaces.


Facts about Zrće beach 

🚩 4 Dj MAG Top 100 clubs on one beach

🏝 Zrče beach is located on the Pag island in Croatia

🗓 The season lasts from late May to early September

📣 The largest party beach in Europe with many festivals and events

🏨 Accommodation in the nearby town of Novalja (offer of accommodation in the section "accommodation")

🚎 From Novalja to Zrce you can use the shuttle bus all day and night (duration about 5 minutes)


Why is the Kalypso Club so famous?


1. Opening hours

Kalypso is a pioneer of beach parties and their club events have no end. It is a continuous cycle of entertainment and drinks for party lovers. It offers fantastic experiences and comfortable sofas where you can relax.

2. Amazing party

Kalypso is famous for its amazing beach events, organized by locals, proven DJs and international promoters with established brands of their events. Kalypso doesn't just let someone into their space, they have strict demands on promoters from all over the world - but the result is worth it.

3. The size of the dance floor  

The huge size of the dance floor can accommodate the capacity of several thousand people from all over the world. This makes it unique and thanks to such a large number of dancers, it can afford a program and production like no other.

4. Open air club 

The open air club is huge and serves as an ideal venue for many festivals of world productions. It offers a beautiful experience of partying under the sky and in harmony with nature. Thanks to this feeling, parties vary from other parties organized by other nightclubs.

5. Club rating in the world poll

Kalypso's experience on the nightclub scene on the Pag island has led to several ratings among nightclubs around the world. Kalypso is ranked among the 100 best nightclubs in the world (currently # 66). His review proves that there is no better nightclub where you can enjoy amazing entertainment than Kalypso.


Club Kalypso

Latitude: 44.542185 - Longitude: 14.914541

Novalja, Croatia